Calendar 2011                     
         10th Sunday:  Discussion Group                      24th: Sunday: Study Group                       30th Saturday: Beltaine Ritual
            Location : Fudruckers   1:00 PM                    Grove Members and Guests                                Gather 3 PM, Ritusl 4 PM
                   Open to the Public                                                                                                              Open to the Public
                       3000 Windy Hill Rd
                           Marietta Ga                                                                                                                                                        Contact for Location

8th  Mothers Day: No discussion Group            15th Sunday: Grove Outing                                 22nd Sunday: Study Group
                                                                                            Georga Renaissance Festival                                  Grove Members and Guests
                                                                             (if you would like to join us
                                                                               please contact us )

         12th Sunday: Discussion Group            18th: Saturday: Summer Solstice Ritual              26th Sunday: Study Group
                  Borders Mid-Town    1 PM                   Contact for information and Location                Grove Members and Guests
                650 Ponce de Leon, Atlanta

          10th Sunday: Discussion Group               24th Sunday: Study Group
                 Location to be decided                             Grove Members and Guests

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